Evan Peters
ayyy i'm just some socially awkward 15 year old from australia who really likes evan peters i guess. this is a pretty good blog i guess so you should probs follow it if you want to see cute pics of evan sometimes.

I track the 'everythingevan' tag.

aqueledos30 asked:
I Hate Emma, do you too?

hmm kind of

Anonymous asked:
Favorite hair style he's had?

his cute lil blonde Tate hair

Anonymous asked:
Hello I'm sorry to bother you but I'd like to share a message; as you may be aware the situation in Gaza is bad because of the Israeli government. It would make a HUGE difference if you could please avoid or find alternatives to brands such as: McDonald's, nestle etc, you'll find more under "Israel boycott" as it's financing Israel to bomb Gaza. Please share this and tell people about it, what would you do if you were in Palestine? Stand up to Israel and save the Palestinians.

thank you so much for this, everyone please take a little time to have a look at this.


evan peters at chicago comic con !!!

Anonymous asked:
I'm so confused!!!! Is Emma and Evan dating? Or are they not a thing anymore? thank you

They’re still dating, engaged actually :p

Anonymous asked:
how do I find that article that evan talks about not being scary

i’m not sure which article you’re talking about?

Anonymous asked:
Clipping Adam torrent link pls! Thanks!

I can’t find one anywhere, all I can offer is a link to where you can watch it online?

oh my fucking god thank you guys so so much. like i don’t think you understand just how happy i am right now omg, you should totally suggest things that i should do to celebrate like idk just anything. I basically just wanna say thank you to all of you beautiful people who took time out of their busy lives to press the lil follow button on my blog, or the lil reblog button, or the like button, and a special thank you to the people who ask me things or just send me cute random things in my ask idk. love you all xx